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What if SketchUp just became even faster??

You love to use SketchUp, you know SketchUp is one of the fastest, intuitive and easiest 3D design software.

SketchUp is like a sandbox, you can create and draw what you want.

It's great to design in 3D and to visualize your design to your clients.

But once you want to draw technical construction documents, it’s possible, but maybe it could even be easier …

Some will say; you will need a more complex program to work with BIM.

But they are expensive, complex and not so easy to learn.

What if you can now draw with the ease and simplicity of SketchUp, wall and floor constructions that are detailed and this just in a few clicks?

What are your challenges?


What you want?


How we solve it? What SmartBuild4SketchUp will do for you!


Meet Eva, the interior designer.

As an interior designer she loves to use SketchUp.

It's the ideal tool to design efficiently the ideal interior of your clients dream.

As you know, most people can not really read 2D plans.That’s why you use SketchUp to make their dreams visual!

You love SketchUp because it is fast and intuitive and it has loads of objects to use in 3D warehouse. So you can focus on the design and use your creativity.

When you get a new project, you’ll get the 2D plans from the architect or you need to measure the rooms.

Your first task in SketchUp is to make the house/rooms into a 3D pace, based on the plans or measurements.

Now, using SmartBuild 4 SketchUp, Eva can do this even faster than before.

So now Eva has the house/room setup in 3D in less time and when she now makes section cuts, they look very fabulous as they have now more technical details. You could say, it's not needed for interior design plans. But you know, a client is maybe not able to read a 2D fully, so if they see nice detailed drawings, they will be wowed … and they will give a greater perceived value to it. (do you see honey, we made the right choice with Eva, she is so good!)

As Eva also uses the SmartBuild templates.

She does not need any other programs any more than SketchUp Pro to create all her 3D and 2D plans, views and section cuts.

The SmartBuild 4 SketchUp templates saves her a lot of time. So she can spend more time on the designs and give her clients the attention they deserve.


Meet Paul the architect!

Paul is an architect who designs his houses in a 2D cad program.

But most clients today, want to see their dream house in 3D before they will let it build.

So Paul imports his 2D cad files in SketchUp and than draws the house in 3D.

This is double work, so it costs extra time and money.

A time ago, Paul did not see how he could skip the 2D cad step because drawing the different construction layers of walls was seen as to difficult.

Especially when you needed to make any changes afterwards.

When Paul tested SmartBuild 4 SketchUp the first time, he was hooked. And he saw the potential. Now he could design his house from day 1 in SketchUp.

Setting wall types and construction types, the width of each layer, creating the building outline ... And in just a few clicks he had the layered walls.

Now he can put in the inner walls and it all works. He has never used SketchUp like this before.

Setting up floor and wall properties, a few clicks more and boom ... the structure is completed in 3D.

Adding doors and windows is also easy and can be done in just a few clicks.

And the best part is, making changes to the house outline, changing wall heights … it’s all done with eas.

The great thing about Smartbuild 4 Sketchup is that it also works perfectly with Skalp, the section cut tool, that puts the patterns on the cuts.

So you only need to setup a template once. And if you have the same construction types, you just place your section cuts and everything has its right pattern.

Using the SmartBuild 4 SketchUp templates makes it even more easy.

So with the minimal input, Paul now also has all plans, views and sections he needs.

And the documents now even look way better than when he was using his 2D cad solution.

But the fun is not over yet. You know, when you present your first design to your client and he wants some changes ...

In the past he needed to change his 2D drawings and his 3D model in SketchUp.

Overtime he realised that mistakes or forgetting to make the changes in some plans are so easily done.

Now with the 3D to 2D workflow, this kind of, sometimes costly mistakes, are now out of the world.